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I started working at Aii since 2009 and I knew it was the right choice. I knew I will have the ability to learn and grow at Aii. Working at a swiftly expanding company means I will have lots of vulnerability to challenging tasks and I took it. Aii gave me that opportunity, supported me to get through it. Aii guided my growth as a teacher, an academia, as a professional and most importantly a leader. If you work hard and you want to take on more responsibility and growth, Aii will give you that opportunity. I’ve been promoted many times in the past five years and still growing as an individual.

Jayrald A. Salvacion
Campus Director

I have been working at Aii since July 4, 2016 and it is truly of great pleasure to start my professional career here. Never have I imagined I could meet so many influential and helpful people who shed light and guidance to my career development and personal development thus far. At Aii the level of affection, love, care and support always shine and can be felt through the actions of my colleagues, which makes it feel like home. It is a precious thing I truly appreciate. It was the right decision to step my foot at Aii. Come and experience this with us!

Nalen Khlim
Deputy Campus Director

I started my career as an ESL teacher with Aii in November 2018. This journey has brought me to discover my strengths and enough courage to accept the new endeavor with more responsibilities. Aii has given me so much to remember as guiding me to apply my knowledge skills and continue to have an individual growth endlessly. There has no day for me to regret being here at Aii because the working environment is more than pleasant. There are various opportunities provided to passionate people at Aii. The significant challenges that I have faced throughout my job life here have provided me the platform in bringing a change and also enables me to excel in my potential that bounces me to the fullest satisfying accomplishment. I can never thank Aii enough for trusting in my ability and for allowing me to showcase my expertise in the field. My career choice at Aii is a tremendous pathway and helping me achieve my professional goals or find a purpose in life. Please come and prove it yourself.

Sao Kagnary Nges
Head Teacher

I joined Aii Language Center since August 22, 2016. It’s a great pleasure and honor to be working at Aii for the past three years. There are many positive people and role models around me that I can learn from; it has helped me in my development to be more confident and professional in both my career and personal life. Good working environment and caring top management team make Aii Choam Chao my home. I’m ecstatic to have made the right choice by joining the Aii family. Come and join us!

Sengngim Morn
Head of Aii Academic Secretary

My name is Ou Saing. I graduated from Hun Sen Heng Dong Middle School for Chinese Language in Cambodia in 2012 and studied architectural design at Norton University
I exposed myself to the outside world with my Chinese skill and encountered many difficulties which I managed to learn and solve them on my own.
I started at Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus and taught part-time CSL classes in 2019 to 2021. Because of my eagerness toward challenges and improvement, I got promoted as a CSL Head Teacher in 2021.
As an educator, I firmly believe that every student has her or his own hidden greatest potential. Therefore, every teacher must shed the light on them and help them to show their potential and grow personally, emotionally and socially during their journey to the future. I am really passionate and eager to shape the student’s life to a better one.

Ou Saing
CSL Head Teacher