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Kimhak Pom

Campus Director

Mr. Kimhak Pom joined Aii Language Center as a part-time ESL teacher at Mao Tse Tong Campus in late 2016, being a fresh graduate from Institute of Foreign Languages. With the strong background in education and the rich experience acquired at Aii Language Center, within just a few years of service, he was given the opportunity to take an important role as the ESL Head Teacher at one of the prestigious campuses of Aii Language Center: Chroy Chongva Campus.

In the year of 2022, he took the position as the Deputy Campus Director at Aii- Choam Chao Campus; in the same year and campus, with many positive results, he was promoted to a new position with more responsibility and visions, the Campus Director.

Phanit Phann

Deputy Campus Director

Mr. Phanit Phann has recently been promoted to Deputy Campus Director at Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus.

He started as an ESL full-time teacher in 2018, then joined the management team as a Head Teacher in 2021 at Mao Tse Tong Campus, and moved to Choam Chao Campus in the early part of 2022. Due to his driven passion, dedication and conscience in next-generation academic enhancement, he currently holds the position of Deputy Campus Director. Both at once, with the intention of improving the young generation of Cambodia as a whole, he yearned to leave a legacy for others who chose to undertake his path. Therefore, he consistently seeks ways to broaden the scope of his work and intensify his leadership skills. Moreover, he reckons that in the 21st century, Cambodian children must acquire and cultivate more in the area of technology, technology in education. For the same reason, Mr. Phanit Phann has made adopting new technology a priority in his career at Aii.

Sreyleak Meas

ESL Head Teacher

Sreyleak Meas Is Currently An ESL Head Teacher At Aii Language Center, Chaom Chao Campus. She Has Been In The Field Of Education For Over 8 Years. As An Educator, She Believes That Every Child Is A Unique Piece Of The Puzzle Who Deserves To Grow In An Environment That Not Only Cares For Their Learning But Also For Their Mental Health.

Sreyleak Joined Aii Language Center, Chaom Chao Campus, As A Full-Time ESL Teacher In June 2022. With Vast Teaching Experience, Passion, Commitment, And Tenacity, She Was Promoted To Head Teacher On September 1, 2022.

She Was One Of The Outstanding Students In Both High School And University Which Played A Part In Her Finishing The Baccalaureate Examination (Bac II) At Just 16 Years Of Age As Well As An MoEYS Scholarship To Pursue A BA In English For Communication At Western University (2014).

She Is Determined To Help Shape The Next Generation To Be Persistent And To Normalize The Idea That Failure Is A Stepping Stone To Success.

“That Is What Learning Is. You Suddenly Understand Something You’ve Understood All Your Life, But In A New Way.” — Doris Lessing

Ou Saing

CSL Head Teacher

My name is Ou Saing. I graduated from Hun Sen Heng Dong Middle School for Chinese Language in Cambodia in 2012 and studied architectural design at Norton University
I exposed myself to the outside world with my Chinese skill and encountered many difficulties which I managed to learn and solve them on my own.
I started at Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus and taught part-time CSL classes in 2019 to 2021. Because of my eagerness toward challenges and improvement, I got promoted as a CSL Head Teacher in 2021.
As an educator, I firmly believe that every student has her or his own hidden greatest potential. Therefore, every teacher must shed the light on them and help them to show their potential and grow personally, emotionally and socially during their journey to the future. I am really passionate and eager to shape the student’s life to a better one.

Sengngim Morn

Head of Office of the Academic Secretary

I joined Aii Language Center since August 22, 2016. It’s a great pleasure and honor to be working at Aii for the past three years. There are many positive people and role models around me that I can learn from; it has helped me in my development to be more confident and professional in both my career and personal life. Good working environment and caring top management team make Aii Choam Chao my home. I’m ecstatic to have made the right choice by joining the Aii family. Come and join us!