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Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus was founded as the 4th campus of the Aii Language Center to provide a quality education that enables its students to be ready to the growing English community in Cambodia and also to contribute to the ever growing demand for local and international businesses seeking for Cambodians with good English.

The campus was established to cater for the demand for the quality education in the middle to high income residential area.

Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus was established on February 13, 2019, located at No. 222, Veng Sreng St., Sangkat Choam Chao, Khan Pou Senchey, Phnom Penh Cambodia. It is a seven-storey building. The land size is 1,098.63 m2. The building consists of:

  1. 1st Floor
  1. Lobby
  2. Information Office
  3. Student Affairs Office
  4. Testing Room
  5. Administrative Department
  6. Interview Room
  7. Bursar
  8. Toilet
  1. 2nd Floor
  1. Intercon Bookstore
  2. Canteen
  3. Intercon Bookstore Storage Room
  4. Smart Mart
  1. 3rd Floor
  1. Classrooms (301 & 307)
  2. Toilet
  3. Academic Storage Room
  1. 4th Floor
  1. Office of the Campus Director
  2. Academic Office
  3. Office of the Aii Secretary Department
  4. MJQ Student Health Center
  5. Server Room
  6. Archive Room
  7. Meeting Room
  8. Locker Room
  9. Classrooms (401 – 403)
  10. Toilet
  1. 5th Floor
  1. Classrooms (501 – 507)
  2. Maintenance Storage Room
  3. Toilet
  1. 6th Floor
  1. Classrooms (601- 607)
  2. Storage Room
  3. Toilet
  1. 7th Floor
  1. Mengly J. Quach Library
  2. IT Lab
  3. Chairman’s Office
  4. Toilet

Our Story

Aii Language Centers (Aii) are North American Standard based centers specializing in languages. Aii offers series of English, Chinese and Thai language training programs and TOEFL preparation course to meet variety of needs of learners of all ages.