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Aii Language Centers (Aii) are North American Standard based centers specializing in languages. Aii offers series of English and Chinese language training programs and TOEFL preparation course to meet variety of needs of learners of all ages.


Let us act in the best interests of our people & contribute to the welfare of the society and the environment!

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“I chose Aii Choam Chao Campus because it is a high quality school, well-governed, ethical, and has a huge encouragement to students who are not interested in learning. Aii has┬álots of modern equipment for our learning and especially there are many good teachers.”


-Socheata Sat, Level 2
Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus

“I have been studying at Aii Choam Chao Campus since Feb 13 and I feel that my English is better than before. My teacher always supports me and encourages me. This school is like my house; my teacher and classmates are like my family. They always make me feel happy when I am sad. Also, Aii has many contests which give us chances to join and get a lot of experience. I love my teacher, classmates and Aii CC.”


-Chanlyna Than, Level 2
Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus

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Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus Special notice concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit our Covid-19 Information page & FAQ.