Other Services


Smart Mart is a school-based store where students may buy supplies for their lessons at reasonable prices. Binders, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, rulers, paper, and snacks are available in the store.


Our welcoming café serves a variety of delectable beverages such as coffee, smoothies, lattes, and so on. During their break time, students may enjoy excellent refreshments, relax with friends, discuss projects, and have a pleasant discussion. It provides students with a quick and easy approach to keep track of their nutrition.


Our food court is actively selling unique drinks and dishes. Spending time in the food court is a crucial part of the school day since it allows kids to enjoy their meal, take a break from classroom work, and converse with friends. Because of the comfortable environment, children do better academically, have fewer behavioral issues, and feel more connected to the school.


Intercon Bookstore is a great place for students to seek high-quality products and items. The shop provides students with a selection of critical resources to meet their learning needs, as well as effective and efficient learning products that are handy and accessible. Aii & AIS uniforms and other school supplies are also available for purchase at cheap pricing for students.